Privacy Policy

The Waste Info app provides information on waste and recycling to assist residents in reducing waste disposal.  The app does not capture and centrally file any personal information.  

To obtain a customised waste and recycling collection calendar which provides future collection dates for a specific address, the user is required to enter the relevant house address into the app. Impact Apps does not capture or store this personal information. The address entered by the resident is stored locally on the app sitting on the resident's phone. It is not captured or stored by Impact Apps.

For residents electing to report a problem, the details the resident provides are emailed to Council and stored temporarily on the Waste Info Content Management System (CMS) to provide back up in the event that the email sent to Council is not transmitted. The CMS is stored on a secure server.

The above two examples are the only instances in which users of the Waste Info app are given the opportunity to enter personal informtion into the app. 

If you have any other questions regarding the above privacy policy or other aspects of how information is stored and managed by Impact Apps please contact us.