Update on new features of Waste Info App

Key Benefits:

  • Council owned so there is no need to change apps with a new collection contractor
  • FREE for your residents to downlaod
  • Inexpensively tailored to your Council
  • Content can be updated instantly at almost no cost (as opposed to costly mail outs)
  • Ability to set a reminder for bin night
  • Push notifications - alert your residents to service changes
  • Information to reduce contamination
  • Services can be ordered on the phone - saving both Council money and your residents' time

And so much more!


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Make Recycling Fun!

  • This innovative game teaches school children and facility managers how to correctly source separate.
  • Players flick items into the correct bin as they travel along the conveyor belt. Points are won for correctly source separating. 
  • Designed for use on Iphones, Android, Ipad and Tablets.
  • Tailor this game to your Council for a small one off fee.

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