Key features 

Your residents will be able to answer all of their questions about waste and recycling quickly and easily.

Set a calendar reminder for when your garbage, recycling or greenwaste services;

  • Find out what can and cannot be recycled;
  • Request a bulky waste collection service;
  • Get driving directions to the closest recycling, reuse and disposal facility;
  • Find out what to do with old chemicals, batteries, computers and so on;
  • Send a message directly to Council when thier bin is missed;
  • Notify Council immediately of dumped rubbish, littering etc

Council edits through the CMS

Each app comes with a simple "Content Management System (CMS)" enabling nominated Council staff to edit the content in the app. The following is a summary of what can be done easily from the CMS:

  • Push notifications 
  • Images changed
  • Text edited
  • Hyperlinks added
  • Pages added or removed

Cost Benefit Analysis 

A recent Cost Benefit analysis found the WasteInfo App offers Councils the oportunity to realise cost savings within two years.  If the monetary value of time saved by residents through use of the app is also included in the analysis, the benefits to Council become very significant.

Our model enables any interested Council to alter the variables and see the impact of the WasteInfo app on its budget.

The importance of a 'Native App'

Native Apps offer far greater reliability, speed and performance over the less expensive web based apps.  These attributes are important as the WasteInfo app represents Council in the hands of its residents.

Native Apps do not require internet service to operate, as web based apps do. Thus, even when mobile phone reception is not available, the WasteInfo app will provide answers to your residents' questions.